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Welcome to the PBR

This ain't rodeo. This is PBR.
We're Professional Bull Riders.

Welcome to the PBR, an RPG with a scoring system designed to find the top bulls and bull riders in the cattle industry. We suggest you completely read ALL of the journals to make sure you understand everything completely before sending in an application (the scoring may seem daunting, but it's really rather simple). Questions and concerns are always welcome.
Let the timer start!
(an RPG based on the real PBR, and not associated in any way)







Recent Journal Entries

:bulletblack: Mar 18, 2015
Just a quick reminder, the Anaheim Invitational ends in exactly 2 weeks! The top rider of this round gets to choose their bull in the WORLD FINALS next month!

:bulletblack: Jan 31, 2015
OKAY SO quite a bit of news: some vERY IMPORTANT and some just fun yay! FIRST of all, congratulations to Bill "Quinny" Quintin on his event win in New York and to B008 Molotov on winning the Judge's Choice Bull! Nicely done both of you! That bumps Quinny up to rank number 6 and Molotov is currently at 1 as un-ridden!

Secondly, some VERY IMPORTANT news, the current event - the Anaheim Invitational (running now through April 1) is the last event to qualify for the Las Vegas World Finals! To qualify for Las Vegas, riders must have at least ONE SUCCESSFUL RIDE this year! If you haven't submitted any entries while you've been in the group at all, then you won't be able to qualify for the World Finals! So Anaheim is your last chance to get an entry in! Crazy, it's already been almost a year that the group's been open, right? WOAH

Along that vein, the #1 overall ranking rider will be able to choose their bull in the Finals. And the Event Winner in Anaheim this event will have second choice of their bull in the Finals.

Third, some fun news! From now on, after results for an event have been posted, there will be a short RPG blurb that recaps the highlights of the event! You can see the first one here: under the RESULTS section.

LASTLY some exciting news, come the Las Vegas World Finals the group will be hosting a first-ever CHARACTER ADOPTION to kick off the new PBR season! Everything from Bulls, Riders, Bullfighters, Stock Contractors, to Announcers! Current members who qualify for the World Finals will be given another character slot and will be eligible to create (or adopt) another character! YAY! I CAN'T WAIT.

So that's it for now, in the mean time enjoy the lovely weather in California for the Anaheim Invitational!

:bulletblack: Nov 16, 2015
AND WE'RE BACK Apologies folks, I'm clawing my way out of inactivity slowly but surely to get my groups back on track and PBR is first on the list!

Get ready because we're going to New York for the holiday season! The Monster Energy Buckoff 2015 will open this weekend and go through January, so stay tuned! There are also gonna be cool holiday events and stuff for a fun cowboy christmas!

:bulletblack: Sept 2, 2015
SO the extension of the Ft Myers PBR has officially ended (except for those couple of you who noted me), so scores will be done as soon as those few remaining are submitted - the latest being the end of this month. Thanks for everyone's participation! ALSO welcome new members! Our next event will be hosted beginning Oct 1st and we hope to see some great riding from all of you there!

I also want to take the time to feature a group affiliate that has recently been brought to my attention, :iconfarmart-rpg:. A cute little farm rp group perfect to facilitate all your farm needs - including bulls! Go on over and register your ranch!

:bulletblack: Aug 7, 2015
Well, we got enough interest that we'll extend the current event until the end of August! :D

:bulletblack: July 28, 2015
Watch out, our second event ends in the next few days! Get your entries in! :D If you need an extension, note the group!

:bulletblack: June 1, 2015
Good news, the Ft. Myers PBR is now live through the end of July, and match-ups are posted! More good news, I've added a new feature called "Activities", a little section in the Events' description that'll give you a prompt for the event so that it's more than just getting on a bull: for example, this Event's Activity is a 4th of July BBQ on the beach! They are completely optional but can be added to your bonus entries to boost your ride score! So get to drawing! :D

:bulletblack: May 5, 2015
The Des Moines Invitational has officially ended and scores have been posted (on both the main event page as well as individual entries)! Let's give a round of applause to Miss Kroll, the first rider to score the max 100 points and an event win - on her first round out, no less! AWESOME YOU GUYS ROCK! We'll have a month cool-down and the next event will be posted on June 1st! If you want to create your second character or have yet to join the group, you have until then to submit in order to be eligible to compete!

:bulletblack: April 30, 2015
Officially, the Des Moines Invitational ends today (Apr. 30)! But tell ya wat, if you get your entries in anytime between now and Sunday (May 3), your entry will still be accepted! Just because I'm freaking out over finals time and I know you guys probably are too two weeks left, it's almost summer break guys YEA. So get on your bulls, folks! :dummy:

:bulletblack: April 17, 2015
Just a reminder that the Des Moines Invitational ends in less than two weeks! Get your entries in if you want a fabulous debut - or risk a buckoff!

:bulletblack: March 8, 2015
BULL AND RIDER PAIRS HAVE BEEN POSTED! Check out the Des Moines Invitational sheet for your match up!

:bulletblack: March 2, 2015
Wow, nicely done folks! Applications have exceeded beyond my wildest expectations and there are a LOT of fabulous looking characters which I bet we can't wait to meet! Yesterday kicked off our first event of the season, the Des Moines Invitational! As you might've noticed, we're short on some bulls (which buckuroo is working on for us), and as soon as these group bulls are posted, so will your bull-rider pairs!

Just a reminder, in order for riders to get a score, they must actually have an event image completed. If no event image is completed, they will receive a "no score" or a "buckoff". Bulls, on the other hand, do not need to complete event images in order to receive a score, however any images completed by the bull will both add to their score, and subtract from their riders. If you are curious about scoring, there is a whole journal that explains it in detail (although I might just tweak the ratio a bit, nothing too drastic though). Also, instead of making events monthly, I've decided to make them bi-monthly. However, each event will still only be 1 month long, but that way you have a break between events.

Nonetheless, the event is open for images so if you would like, you may work on bonus images until your bull/rider pairs are posted! Go break a leg! Sorry, that was mean.

AH YES and slots are filled for the group advertisement, and it is being worked on as we speak!

:bulletblack: Feb. 18, 2015
Get ready for a great start to the bull riding season! The Des Moines Invitational is coming up fast, so make sure to get your character apps in soon! Apps must be accepted to the group before March 1st in order to compete.

:bulletblack: Feb. 8, 2015
Well that was quicker than what I thought, but the PBR is now OPEN for applications! Make sure to read every journal thoroughly, and get to drawing! Questions? Check out the FAQ page! ALSO the next three bull riders to be accepted into the group will be drawn by WesternSpice in a group advertisement! :dummy: HOORAY
1. Flamestorm11
2. Tobi-Terror
3. AgentDarkhorse

:bulletblack: Feb. 7, 2015
Group is still very much under construction (scoring system still needs tweaking to make it more believable and a lot of journals still need writing but we're up and running! Feel Free to get started on your apps if you'd like, and the group will hopefully be opening for join requests in the next couple weeks!
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